– Studios Creative Percent

We own a Creative Percent stake in your business.”

We are out to change the world. Think that doesn’t sound very macho? That’s the cool part – we don’t really care what people think. We are the Creative Percent, a small, powerful band that makes things happen. Our name signifies who we are: the rare few who get it.

Led by our fearless leader, Frank Acosta, we forge forward, leaving our mark as we go. We keep our inner circle purposefully small so that we can give our client undivided attention. We treat our clients as partners. Their interests become our interests, and their successes run parallel to ours.

Remaining small means that along with our in-house talent, we can scout out brilliant creatives who are suitable for each specific project. To bring our clients the best, we work with the best.

We are not afraid to bend the rules. Our small size allows us to be flexible with our process. We aren’t hung up on the logistics and we can weigh the best direction on every case. We may be small in number but we’re big in every other way: talent, accomplishments, aspirations, and ideas.

We stand out from the crowd because we give a damn. We came into this business to make a difference for our clients. One day it’s a tiny shift in a client’s messaging that helps them exceed their monthly goals. The next day it’s legitimately taking action that will change the world. We’re wired to keep moving, to keep changing, to keep reinventing ourselves.

We put on a tough stance but inside we’re teddy bears. We love going out of our way to make people feel good. Bringing people joy is our jam. That’s why we work so well with our clients; we genuinely care about them and their business. Watching them succeed makes us feel like a proud mama hen.

Creative Percent was built to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Watch as we do, one creative, one client, and one project at a time.